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June 14, 2013

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Copper Now Trading At 406.80 ................

Our Clients Book Partial Profit At 406........

Profit ----- 5,500 per lot

Risk Just only---- 1500..................

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Now copper trading at 410.40 level..
today sell copper on raise arround 411-411.50..........
And keep stoploss at 412.60

May 29, 2013

Mcx Tips - Free Trial

Zinc Buy above 103.40 
Target -104.30
 Stoploss At 102.80

May 21, 2013

Profit on 20/05/2013

Profit On 20/05/2013 as per intraday call....................

Mcx Tips - Crude Oil Tips

Buy crude oil at 5358......


May 20, 2013

Mcx Tips - Free Trial

Ignore Our  Crude Sell Call 

Mcx Tips - Silver Tips

Silver Mini now Trading At 41750

On Raise 42050-42100 Sell  for a target of 40400-39600 

Keep stoloss at 42400............

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Buy copper above 406.90 ................
Target 408.30

Stoploss 405.50

Mcx Tips - Crude Oil Tips

Crude Oil Now Trading At 5267 ...
On raise Sell crude around 5285-5295  level..........
Our Target ......... 5200-5150 level in 2 days.............

Keep Stoploss St 5309

May 18, 2013

Mcx Free Trial

Profit on 17/05/2013
100 % accuracy Mcx Tips

May 17, 2013

Mcx Tips - Crude oil Tips

Our target in crude first was acheived at 4246 
buy call given at 4222 ............

Already booked partial profit At 4240 Level...

Now keep Stoploss At cost And wait for 2 nd Target...............

Mcx Tips - Crude oil Tips

Book profit In crude Oil At 5240

Our Target 5246 almost acheived Made a high 5243 

Daily earn Rupees  5000-10000 in our  Mcx Tips , Stock Tips by our Intraday Tips

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Copper Our 2 nd target Acheived..........

First Target at 403.70

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Copper Target Acheived 403.70 

Book Profit.........................

Mcx Tips - Crude Oil Tips

Buy Crude oil At 5222....
Target For crude Oil ..........5246

Keep stop loss at 5202

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Copper Now trading at 401.50 .
buy copper above 401.90
Target For copper is 403.70- 406-408

Stoploss for copper  400


Sell Below Copper 400
Target 387.50- 380
Stoploss is today's high when it breaks 400...............

May 16, 2013

Free Mcx Tips

CopperSell396.7393390398.92500Profit booked at 394.20
CrudeBuy5133521052405122-1100SL HIT

Mcx Tips - Copper tips

Copper Target 1---393.00 acheived ....... Book Full profit...................

Sell call initiated at 396.70

Important datas

6:00pmUSDBuilding Permits0.94M0.91M
 USDCore CPI m/m0.20%0.10%
 USDUnemployment Claims332K323K
 USDCPI m/m-0.30%-0.20%
 USDHousing Starts0.98M1.04M
7:30pmUSDPhilly Fed Manufacturing Index2.51.3
8:00pmUSDNatural Gas Storage96B88B
10:00pmUSDFOMC Member Raskin Speaks 

Mcx Tips - Crude Oil Tips

Crude oil Stoploss Hit at 5122
Buy call Given At 5133

Silver Target Acheived -42600 sold at- 42930
Copper Partial profit booked 394.20 Sold at 396.70

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Book Partial Profit in copper At 394.20

And Keep Stoploss for Remaining Lots at cost 396.70

Mcx Tips - Silver Tips

Now silver tarding at 42580 Made a low 42540.
 Our First Target Acheived At 42600
book profit

Mcx Tips - Crude oil tips

Buy Crude Oil At 5133

Target 5210
Stoploss 5122

Mcx Tips - Silver Tips

Silver Now Trading At 43026

Sell silver Below 42930 For Target Of 42600 And 41900
Keep Stoploss At 43150

Mcx Tips - Copper Tips

Copper now trading at 397.50
Copper sell below 396.70 Target 393 And 390.25 Stoploss At 398.90

15/05/2013 : Tips Given 1, Target Acheived 1, Profit:4700

15/05/2013 Free Mcx Tips Given 1, target Acheived-1, Profit-4700

May 15, 2013

Crude oil Tips
Crude oil Tips

Our target in crude was acheived 5105 
sell call initiated at 5152 level with a stop loss of 5178

Book profit and enjoy the profit

we given Tips at low stoploss and high profit

Crude oil Tips

Book Partial Profit at 5123 sold at 5152

Sell crude Below 5152

Crude Oil
Crude tips

Crude Oil Trading Tips

Crude oil Now trading At  5161.

Sell Crude oil below 5152.

Traget- 5105 & 5060

Stoploss for crude oil 5178

May 14, 2013

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